About Us

104 Years ago, in the year 1916,burning ghat was established by the side of the Swaraswati Basin at Domjur Village on a few plots of lands contributed by the local people at the approach of the then founder of this burning ghat, Late Dwarika Nath Ghosal, a resident of North jhapordah Village who made it possible with the help and active co-operation of the local people . Initially , no such activities other than cremation of dead-bodies was heard conducted except observing a yearly festival of kali , the mother ( Deity) in the month of August  ( in Kousi Amabasya). This festival had been continuing since then as usally. Subsequently , two rooms on the ground floor, one as small temple of the Deity and another in front of the then Cremation area, possible for sheltering persons carrying the dead-bodies erected by two benevolent persons of the locality named after Thandaram Das , a resident of North Jhapordah (Rath tala) and Late Natabor Ghosh of South Jhapordah respectively.

It was 1978, Biswaratan babu took charge of the committee as secretary with other important Personalities as committee members and Parishad members. It was time when actual development took place. The old small temple was demolished and a new beautiful one was built on the some place. New Stonebody image of mother kali named as “Ananda Moyee Ma” having two hands as dreamt of by Krishnananda Agambagis , the pioneer in Bengal for worshiping mother kali ( Deity ) was established . This stone – body image was dedicated by Late Ananda Das of Parbatipur village in his father’s name in 1981 , on the right side of the mother’s temple , Late Dr.Umapada Hazra built a temple of lord Shiva where a phallic image of shiva was established in the name of “umananda shiva” Daily worshiping of “Ananda Moyee ma” and “Umananda shiva” was started from this time through appointing a residential Priest .